Press Quotes

“A wizard of speed and precision”

Kölnische Rundschau newspaper

“The master of juggling”

Lübecker Nachrichten newspaper

“… Top-class light juggling. He whirled light sticks of various colours through the air at lightning speed, and later in the show he captivated the audience with five bright red balls which he chased through the air.”

Westdeutsche Zeitung newspaper

Client Quotes

“… an opening act as part of an evening event attended by business and financial journalists, with Continental AG’s board members acting as hosts. He was somehow able to combine the topics of economy and finance with the art of juggling, thus providing expert commentary on recent developments in the business and the financial world…”


“… Your performance was dynamic, engaging and tailored to the audience. Our guests and the management team were – and still are – extremely impressed…”

Deutsche Telekom

“You successfully managed, with your friendly countenance and your skills, to communicate the fun of juggling to the workshop participants, as well as the similarities between ‘juggling’ and ‘fulfilling your goals as manager’. We would happily recommend you in the future.“

Deutsche Bank

“It was great and the personalisation of our project was a real success!“


“In the feedback session with our client your performance was specifically mentioned as a positive result and a real enrichment. Thank you for the great co-operation.“

TRO Deutschland